Hispanic Evangelism

Our team exists to assist Hispanic churches in fulfilling the Great Commission. We work with pastors and their congregations in creating an evangelistic environment that is intentional, holistic, and relevant to the Hispanic church in North America.

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Our Objectives

  • Elevate the ministry of evangelism and the office of the evangelist
  • Vivify a passion for the fulfillment of the Great Commission
  • Assist in the development of relevant evangelism strategies for reaching Hispanics
  • Nurture evangelistic church growth
  • Guide in the development of contextualized evangelistic resources
  • Equip believers in how to share their faith effectively
  • Lead in providing orientation regarding cultural changes and worldview
  • Intercede for the salvation of the lost and for spiritual revival among Hispanics
  • Serve the local church with her evangelism needs
  • Motivate the church to reach the multitudes living around her


Evangelism Strategy Development

Assist the local church in developing a holistic evangelism strategy that impacts the community and transforms the life of the church.

Personal Evangelism Training

Provide the resources and trainings necessary for effective communication of the gospel message.

Discipleship & Follow-up Training

Assist local churches with the development of transformational discipleship for new believers and effective follow-up principles.

Church Revitalization

Transforming the evangelistic culture of a church for greater effectiveness in ministry and continued growth.

Evangelistic event

Assistance with the planning, preparation for, and the implementation of effective evangelistic events.

Apologetic & Interfaith training

Trainings to equip the church in responding to the current cultural shifts and to the challenges presented by people of other religious backgrounds, including principles for presenting the gospel message effectively.

Revival Preparation

Consultation and trainings on how to organize and prepare for evangelistic revivals, including counsel on choosing an evangelist.

Evangelistic Prayer Ministry

Equipping and mobilizing the army in the pew in intercessory prayer ministry focusing on the lost in their community.

Evangelism Coaching and Mentoring

Providing evangelism coaching and mentoring program for pastors and leaders.

Cross-cultural Evangelism and Ministry

Consultation and practical trainings for the development of an evangelistic ministry among the nations of the world in your community.


Hispanic Evangelism Conference

A yearly gathering for Hispanic pastors and leaders with the objectives of inspiration, information and implementation of evangelistic principles and strategies that will transform the evangelistic DNA of the local church.


Congreso is an annual conference designed for students in middle school, high school, and in college. Congreso is the largest gathering of Baptist youth in North America with more than 3,500 students attending each year. The objective of this conference is to reach students with the gospel, investing in their lives spiritually, educationally, and vocationally; equipping them for impactful living as disciples of Jesus Christ.

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Victor Rodriguez

Evangelism Associate/Discipleship Specialist, Hispanic Evangelism

(210) 241-8854