Intercultural Ministries

Through a variety of initiatives we seek to strengthen intercultural churches, by serving as an advocate and partner. We inform those working with these language groups and are a valuable tool in ministering to cultures from across the globe.

If you are engaged in ministry with an intercultural group – or feel called to such ministry – we welcome you to reach out to our director of Intercultural Ministries, Mark Heavener. We are always excited to connect with prospective, new, or well-established endeavors for Christ for all peoples!


We are involved in a number of different ministries catering to intercultural ministry. If you would like more information about the below initiatives, or would like to get involved, please Mark Heavener.

Bible Study Mentoring

A recent initiative that is designed to strengthen the children and youth Bible study efforts of intercultural churches.

Ethnic Events

Training and fellowship in a specific language and culture.

Intercultural Advisory Council

A group of intercultural leaders who meet once or twice a year to plan initiatives and to establish dialogue with Texas Baptist staff.

Cross Cultural Training

We provide training for congregations and groups who desire to improve their knowledge and skills working with other cultures.

Church Consultations and Conflict Resolution

As churches face challenges and request consultations and resources, Intercultural Ministries assists in culturally appropriate ways.

Intercultural Strategic Partners

A strategic outreach providing seed money for intercultural churches to engage their own people group with the gospel in their homeland or diaspora.

Cross Cultural Mobilization with Unreached People Groups

Through the Mary Hill Davis State Missions Offering we have begun a new initiative to mobilize volunteers to engage persons of other faiths with the gospel.

Ethnic Fellowships

There are seven intercultural fellowships in Texas Baptist Life. African (JAEBCOT), Cambodian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Lao and Vietnamese are currently organized and several new refugee groups are in the process of forming their own fellowships.


Intercultural strategic partners know the language, culture and customs and how to connect with their own people. The Baptist General Convention of Texas is giving them a voice and an opportunity to use their knowledge to share the gospel with a culture they know inside and out.

This ministry is made possible by your gifts to the Mary Hill Davis Offering.