Saving For Retirement: The Basics

Center for Ministerial Health

What is a 403b?

In this short video, learn how a 430(b) plan works, and why saving for retirement is important.

How Much Should I Contribute?

Learn more about how to get enrolled in the Church Matching Protection Benefit Program, how to begin contributing to your plan, and how much to contribute to be eligible for the Disability, Survivor Protection and Matching Benefits available to you just because of your partnership with Texas Baptists.

How is my money being invested?

In this video, learn more about the three categories of mutual funds available to you and how your money is invested in each approach.

Managing your retirement account

Find out how to manage your MyGuidestone retirement account and see your account balances, find statements and make changes to your portfolio.

Mission Dignity

Learn about Mission Dignity, a program through Guidestone that provides extra money needed for housing, food and vital medications for eligible pastors 65 years and older and their spouses.