Ministers Financial Health

Supporting ministers through grant funds, low-interest loans, and financial literacy

Grant and Loans

Thanks to a generous grant from the Lilly Endowment, Texas Baptists are pleased to offer matching grants and low-interest loans to qualifying ministers to help restore their financial future and provide economic stability. Pastors and ministers must complete grant and loan requirements aimed at increasing financial health and wellness.

Ministers Financial Health Grant

Eligible Texas Baptists pastors and church ministerial staff can apply for a matching grant up to $2500 to provide financial relief and economic stability.

Ministers Financial Health Loan

Eligible Texas Baptists pastors and church ministerial staff can apply for a low-interest loan through Baptist Credit Union for up to $5,000.

“It’s been a huge help to me and my family, and I believe it will be a huge help to you and yours.”

— David Foster
Minister to Students and
Young Adult Discipleship

Faith and Finances Facilitator Training

A gospel-based financial education curriculum, that can be used to disciple your church and engage your community, to help families and individuals overcome financial challenges and develop a plan for the future using biblical principles.

Financial Literacy

Pastors and ministers can learn how to be better fiscal leaders in their church and their home through online learning and resources, in-person financial seminars, or by receiving personal financial guidance from a financial counselor in their area.

Why it matters

When pastors are struggling financially they are less effective in their ministry, question their call to ministry, and in some cases, leave the ministry due to financial pressures.

90% of pastors feel some level of financial stress in their family and church work.

76% of pastors know others who left the ministry due to financial pressures.

31% of pastors work a second job to help make ends meet.

Around 60% of pastors do not receive health insurance or retirement funds from their church.

How financial literacy and support impacts pastors

Pastors that received financial literacy education and direct aid saw improvement in their financial stress, household finances, hope for their financial future, and in their ability to disciple others in their church facing economic challenges.

100% said the grant helped give them hope for their financial future

100% said the grant increased their practice of good financial habits.

86% said the grant increased their skill in dealing with financial issues.

86% said the grant made a positive difference in their understanding of biblical truths regarding finances.

93% said the grant made a positive difference in their ability to help church members with financial issues.


Dowell Loftis
Director, Center for Ministerial Health

(214) 828-5275