Ministers Financial Health Grant

Eligible Texas Baptists pastors and church ministerial staff can apply for a matching grant up to $2500. The grants are intended to help ministers reduce personal debt, increase emergency savings, and help provide economic stability.

Financial health and fiscal leadership skills are essential to a minister’s ability to lead effectively in their home and in the church. The Minister’s Financial Health Grant is a learning opportunity for church leaders and ministers to increase fiscal leadership and stewardship skills and equips ministers with the financial tools needed for long-term ministry.

The grant is a matching grant of $2500. If the pastor/church raises up to $2500, Texas Baptists will match that amount dollar-for-dollar. The grant funds can be used by the minister to pay down student loan debt, medical debt, credit card debt, mortgage loans, or to build up an emergency fund, and/or increase retirement savings. The grant funds cannot be used for ministries in the church, church building repair, or other church-related expenses. Funds cannot be used for current educational expenses and/or tuition. Funds are to be used for the pastor’s personal financial needs as described above.

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