Pastor Strong Initiative

Helping pastors and their families in the Greater San Antonio area by providing one-on-one coaching relationships, financial assistance, retreats and groups to encourage, connect and support to create greater health in every aspect of their lives.

Check out this quick intro video and explore the resources below as we take the next step on our journey to greater health!

Physical Health and Wellness Emphasis Resources

Periodically the Pastor Strong Initiative does a deeper dive into one of the areas of holistic health. This past year we have focused on the area of physical health including webinars and videos.

Barnabas Network

When he (Barnabas) came and saw the grace of God, he was glad, and he exhorted them all to remain faithful to the Lord with steadfast purpose, for he was a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and of faith. And a great many people were added to the Lord. So Barnabas went to Tarsus to look for Saul.

Acts 11:23-25

Many pastors feel isolated, discouraged and ill-equipped to meet the demands of ministry and face the challenges of life. Trusted groups of relationships are one key to weaving the strong fabric of connection, support and encouragement pastors need to thrive. That's why the Pastor Strong Initiative started Barnabas Network Groups where pastors can share more than a meal. If you’re ready to be a part of a dynamic small group that is senior pastor focused, Spirit-led, local and holistic, send us your information and we’ll connect you.

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Statewide Pastor Health Survey

A statewide Pastor Health Survey of 560 participants provided valuable information on the health of pastors in Texas. The survey explored spiritual, physical, mental, financial, relational and work health.

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Let us know how we can help you improve and maintain your spiritual, emotional, financial, physical and social health.

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Director, Center for Ministerial Health

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