River Ministry and Mexico Missions Training

Whether this is your first time planning a mission trip or you are a pro, your team may need some training before they go. We are here to help you with those needs.

Planning a Mission Trip to the Border or Mexico

Many times it can be difficult to start planning a mission trip. We are here to help! Depending on your need, there are many ways we can assist. See some suggestions below, or contact Gloria Tillman at gloria.tillman[at]txb.org about planning a mission trip to the Texas border or Mexico.

Trip Planning Procedures

  • What kind of mission emphasis is God leading your church to do?
  • Have you located an area of ministry which your church is able to serve?
  • Have you prepared your church group to effectively carry out the mission project?
  • Where will your headquarters be? (i.e. lodging, meals, travel/logistics)
  • Planning your pre-trip

Cultural Awareness Training

Cultural awareness training will help you and your team understand the cultural differences encountered while working on the border and in Mexico. A few of the most common differences are:

  1. Cultural differences between Hispanics and non-Hispanics
  2. Task oriented individuals and people oriented individuals
  3. Time oriented individuals and event oriented individuals
  4. Catholicism in the Hispanic culture

Language Helps

No hablo Español? No problem! You can download a list of helpful words and phrases for your group to learn before leaving. Click here to view the list.

Gloria Tillman
Ministry Assistant, Center for Missional Engagement

(214) 828-5182