Our Services

Research Assistance

The staff of the Collection is available to assist researchers in locating information on Texas Baptist churches, institutions, and individuals for the purposes of historical and genealogical research.

Digital Photographs

The Collection has the ability to provide digital photographs of individuals and churches held within the TBHC.

Microfilming & Preservation

Church congregations may choose to have their records and minutes microfilmed for preservation by the Collection. For a nominal fee the church may decide to purchase a copy of the microfilm at any time after the initial filming. Churches who wish to deposit their records and minutes in the Collection for safekeeping may do so at no cost. The church retains the rights to the minutes and may remove them at any time.

Workshops & Consultations

We offer a range of presentations, workshops, and consultations to help your church or institution engage proactively in preserving and understanding its own history. The Collection staff is available to conduct presentations on Baptist History and Identity and Texas Baptist Heritage, as well as personalized consultations on a range of topics such as:

  • Compiling a church history

  • Preserving historical documents

  • Establishing a Heritage Committee

  • Developing a church archive

  • Records management

  • Church library consultation

You can call our office (254-754-9446) or Contact Us online to learn more or request a service.