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Project: Start continues ministering to refugees at Christmas

by Guest Author on December 18, 2018 in News

As many gather with loved ones this Christmas season, Texas Baptists remember those who may be in need. Refugees are one group of people who often struggle in America.

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Texas Baptists awarded highest number of baptisms for third consecutive year

by Guest Author on December 7, 2018 in News

The Texas Baptists were awarded “Highest Number of Baptisms” in the country for the third year in a row by the North American Missions Board for the 2017 calendar year. The recorded number of baptisms was 25,451.

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Learning from George H.W. Bush

by Ferrell Foster on December 7, 2018 in CLC

It’s easy to say we need more presidents or more politicians like George H.W. Bush. That lets the rest of us off the hook.

Joseph de Maistre famously said, "Every country has the government it deserves" and "In a democracy people get the leaders they deserve."

We are not the same nation today as the one which nurtured Bush into maturity. This nation is always shifting and changing. It’s interesting that the U.S., in its 1992 incarnation, dumped this good and great man as president who had overseen the fall of the Soviet Union and led the nation to victory in a war to stop aggression -- The Gulf War.

But here we are at now. We need a nation that nurtures and lifts up truly great leaders as it did with George H.W. Bush.

Whenever we learn of a person’s values, we should ask ourselves how they align with Jesus and the broader scriptural wisdom. So let’s try that with a few ideas attributed to Bush. His biographer, Jon Meacham, said Bush’s life code was “Tell the truth. Don’t blame people. Be strong. Do your best. Try hard. Forgive. Stay the course.”

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$7,070 raised to impact Peru and the world on #GivingTuesday

by Ali Corona on December 6, 2018 in Hunger Offering

In one day, Texas Baptists provided 1,900 meals for marginalized students in Peru. And that’s just half of it.

Together, Texas Baptists raised $3,800 -- or 1,900 meals-- for Operación San Andrés this past Giving Tuesday. Even more, an additional $3,270 was raised for the Hunger Offering general fund. That’s a total of $7,070 to feed people in need, to support families breaking the cycle of poverty, and to show people the love of Christ. Amazing!

I cannot fully express my gratitude to everyone who participated. Your gifts impact the world -- one meal at a time.

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