310 travel with Singing Men of Texas to New York for music and ministry

by Analiz G. Schremmer on November 9, 2018 in News

The Texas Baptists Singing Men of Texas (SMOT) took a trip to New York last month with 310 participants to spread the Gospel and perform in concert at Carnegie Hall alongside contemporary Christian artist Steve Green.

The performance, on Oct. 13, was given to a full house. One hundred fifty SMOT men participated, including all six chapter directors and Texas Baptists Music and Worship Lead Tom Tillman.

“The sound was fantastic,” Tillman said. “The crowd was huge. The Gospel was clearly presented. It was a real thrill. Our Great Commission Team Director, Dr. Delvin Atchison, narrated one of our songs with his powerful voice and then later gave an unbelievably effective short Gospel invitation.”

South Texas Director Larry Danks said Christ was exalted that day in Carnegie Hall.

“I don’t know if they were prepared for it, but when the singing began, we had church,” Danks said. “The audience, some seekers, some music lovers and some just curious, were drawn into the spirit of worship as the singers, instrumentalists and Steve Green all led the music of the church. I was reminded that a grand hall like Carnegie Hall is just a tool for God to use in the presentation of His Word.”

And the trip wasn’t just about the Carnegie Hall performance, on the five-day trip, the men also participated in multiple mission projects.

On Oct. 14, all six SMOT chapters sent teams of people to different NAMB churches throughout the city to lead worship. SMOT presented gifts for music and ministry including microphones, a new keyboard, drum heads, Bibles, meals and financial assistance.

On Oct. 16, the group participated in the Brooklyn Tabernacle prayer service. Danks said this was his favorite part of the trip.

“The entire group participated in the Brooklyn Tabernacle Tuesday evening prayer service,” he said. “We were able to pray with members of their congregation for specific needs of theirs, ours and others who had shared prayer needs with them.”

Later on the trip, SMOT members enjoyed some sightseeing. That was when a few unexpected “God moments” took place, including a visit to Times Square, which resulted in an impromptu singing by about 40 of the men. Also, a group of five sang the Doxology on “Fox and Friends” on the last day.

Danks said he enjoyed seeing team members from all six chapters come together to glorify God as one.

“While we are from all over a very large state, and while we sing in separate places virtually all the time, we still serve the same God with the same purpose: To proclaim the Gospel of Christ through song wherever we can,” he said. “In a world where there is much that seems to divide us, it’s great to spend some time united in Christ. The world needs to see more of that.”

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