Bouncers are Commissioned in Nederland, TX

by Cherish Mason on June 12, 2018 in BOUNCE

Bouncers were commissioned this morning in Nederland, TX by Aaron Austin the Mission Coordinator. Bouncers woke up early this morning for breakfast at 6 am, and then were sent off to their work sites for the week. Aaron led the Bouncers in prayer and reminded them that they will serve as a light to those in Nederland and and Port Arthur, TX this week. 

Students will be hard at work in ten different work sites in Nederland, Port Arthur, and Orange Texas. Work this week will include repairing roofs, installing sheet rock and insulation, installing counters and laying tile. Students worked on homes from 7am to 4pm and enjoyed a packed lunch at their work sites during which their Team Chaplain lead them in a Team Devotional. While it was hot and humid outside today, Bouncers worked hard and maintained a cheerful attitude. 

The homeowners were grateful that these students took time out of their summer to come and rebuild their homes. When asked why they were willing to come out and work in the heat, the students merely responded that it was the love of Christ that spurred them on to serve the community in this way. For many of the students, this will be their first time doing construction work of any kind. The Team Construction Leaders trained and encouraged the students in their individual tasks and by the end of the day, the students not only had confidence in the work they were doing, but were glad that they could demonstrate their love for others and for Christ through their work. 

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