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Bouncers Leave a Lasting Impact in Rockport, TX

by Cherish Mason on July 20, 2018 in BOUNCE

Today marks the end of the final Bounce Summer 2018 Mission! It’s been a good week in the Rockport area as Bouncers finish up their projects. This week 250 students from eleven churches helped to rebuild the Rockport community.

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Bouncers are Challenged to be Witnesses for Christ

by Cherish Mason on July 19, 2018 in BOUNCE

Randy Beggs, the Worship Speaker, has been leading students through Acts. Beggs has been focusing challenging Bouncers to rethink what it means to be a witness for Christ. On Tuesday evening, Beggs explained to Bouncers that being a witness for Christ can be awkward, because the world’s purposes are different than Christ’s purposes. On Thursday evening Beggs challenged students to be a witness for Christ anytime, anywhere and to anyone.

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Bounce Student Volunteers Count the Cost

by Cherish Mason on July 19, 2018 in BOUNCE

On a hot and humid July day, a group of Bounce Student Volunteers arrived at Ms. Longoria’s home willing to repair her roof for free. The students were not merely offering Ms. Longoria their labor at no cost to her, but they had actually raised $279 to participate in Bounce for the week! A week of their summer and $279 per student seemed like a small price to pay when the students realized that Ms. Longoria would not have been able to receive help any other way.

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Bouncers Help Rebuild the Rockport Community

by Cherish Mason on July 17, 2018 in BOUNCE

Bouncers were sent out to their work sites in Rockport, TX this morning! Aaron Austin, one of the Mission Coordinators, led the students in a commissioning prayer before the students began their first day of work.

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Bouncers Bring Relief to Rockport, TX

by Cherish Mason on July 17, 2018 in BOUNCE

The eye of Hurricane Harvey passed over Rockport, TX in August 2017 leaving behind a trail of destruction. The Lord is faithful to gather these students and volunteers through Bounce to be his hands and feet, to help rebuild the Rockport community. While the students will be offering the Rockport community relief by rebuilding homes, students will also be going to their work sites with the word, that is the hope of salvation through Christ.

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Homeowners Accept Christ in Victoria, TX

by Cherish Mason on July 13, 2018 in BOUNCE

Homeowner Lee Garcia accepted Christ on Tuesday morning after hearing the gospel from one of the students who was repairing his roof. He said that he experienced the love of Christ through the students who were working on his home. Lee explained that he wanted to know more about living by faith so that he could teach his family the same.

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Bouncers Worship in Victoria, TX

by Cherish Mason on July 12, 2018 in BOUNCE

Bouncers have been hard at work in Victoria, TX repairing homes that have been damaged by Hurricane Harvey. Bouncers stay at their worksites from 7am to 4pm and then return back to Northside Baptist Church for dinner and worship. Worship Speaker Casey Cockrell has been teaching the students about the power of the Holy Spirit. During worship Casey has explained how the gospel has gone viral through the power of the Holy Spirit. Videos go viral because people see them and identify them. In the same way, the gospel can go viral when others see the church in action and resonate with what they are doing; the work that students are doing in Victoria, TX this week is a great example of that!

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Homeowner's Hope in Christ Encourages Bouncers

by Cherish Mason on July 11, 2018 in BOUNCE

The Green Wiffle Team comprised of students from Stoneburg Baptist Church, Acton Baptist Church, and McGehee First Baptist Church, is repairing the roof on Ms. Lula Carroll’s home. Due to high velocity winds and rainfall from Hurricane Harvey, Ms. Lula Carroll’s roof is severely damaged. When the Team arrived at Ms. Lula Carroll’s home earlier this week they discovered that the beams in her kitchen ceiling had begun to rot, and the roof was held up by the kitchen cabinets. Ms. Lula Carroll said that every time it rained she would set several buckets in her kitchen and then later, empty out at least ten gallons of water from the buckets.

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Bouncers Restore Hope by Rebuilding Roofs

by Cherish Mason on July 10, 2018 in BOUNCE

Bouncer’s headed out to their work sites for the first time today after a commissioning prayer led by Shawn Edwards, the Mission Coordinator. Bouncers were sent out to their roofing projects in Victoria just minutes away from Northside Baptist Church, where students are being housed this week.

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Bouncers Join the Ongoing Disaster Recovery Effort in Victoria, TX

by Cherish Mason on July 9, 2018 in BOUNCE

Bouncers arrived in Victoria, TX today for the 4th Bounce Mission this summer! So far, Bounce has mobilized hundreds of students who have engaged in disaster recovery work all across Texas. The community of Victoria is still recovering from Hurricane Harvey, and several houses have suffered from wind damage. Because of this, all of the students this week will be repairing roofs. Bouncers will be staying at Northside Baptist Church, they same church that housed the Texas Baptist Men last August. Among the first responders, the Texas Baptist Men engaged in disaster relief work in Victoria, TX immediately after Hurricane Harvey. This week, Bouncers have the opportunity to continue in the ongoing disaster recovery effort and to follow in the footsteps of the Texas Baptist Men who went before them.

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