Homeowner's Hope in Christ Encourages Bouncers

by Cherish Mason on July 11, 2018 in BOUNCE

The Green Wiffle Team comprised of students from Stoneburg Baptist Church, Acton Baptist Church, and McGehee First Baptist Church, is repairing the roof on Ms. Lula Carroll’s home. Due to high velocity winds and rainfall from Hurricane Harvey, Ms. Lula Carroll’s roof is severely damaged. When the Team arrived at Ms. Lula Carroll’s home earlier this week they discovered that the beams in her kitchen ceiling had begun to rot, and the roof was held up by the kitchen cabinets. Ms. Lula Carroll said that every time it rained she would set several buckets in her kitchen and then later, empty out at least ten gallons of water from the buckets.

Led by Construction Coordinator Paul Coronado, the Green Wiffle Team was able to tear out the rotting beams in Ms. Lula Carroll’s kitchen and build a new beam. Now her roof is fully supported. While the Green Wiffle Team is still working on the roof repairs, they should be finished by the end of the week, and Ms. Lula Carroll will no longer need to worry about emptying out water buckets every time it rains.

Today, Ms. Lula Carroll sat on her front porch and watched Bounce students haul away old shingles. Ms. Lula Carroll is retired and uninsured. She had no idea how her roof was going to be repaired, but she continued to pray and trust in the Lord’s timing even ten months after Hurricane Harvey. Ms. Lula Carroll confessed that several of her friends who had also sustained damage to their homes due to Hurricane Harvey had began to give up hope. Ms. Lula Carroll never did, and instead she encouraged her friends to have faith and to trust God to provide for their needs. While the students served Ms. Lula Carroll by repairing her roof, Ms. Lula Carroll served the students by ministering to them through her testimony.

Ms. Lula Carroll compared her situation to that of Job. While he had much, the Lord chose to take it away, and in the midst of such loss, Job chose to praise the Lord. Ms. Lula Carroll said that she too has chosen to praise the Lord even though she has lost so much. And now, Ms. Lula Carroll will receive the help she desperately needs, because the Lord is faithful to provide. The students who are serving at Bounce this week are there Lord’s instruments whom he has chosen to use to bring about such restoration.

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