Bouncers Worship in Victoria, TX

by Cherish Mason on July 12, 2018 in BOUNCE

Bouncers have been hard at work in Victoria, TX repairing homes that have been damaged by Hurricane Harvey. Bouncers stay at their work sites from 7am to 4pm and then return back to Northside Baptist Church for dinner and worship. Worship Speaker Casey Cockrell has been teaching the students about the power of the Holy Spirit. During worship Casey has explained how the gospel has gone viral through the power of the Holy Spirit. Casey explained that videos go viral because people see them and identify them. In the same way, the gospel can go viral when others see the church in action and resonate with what they are doing; the work that students are doing in Victoria, TX this week is a great example of that!

On Wednesday, students were able to participate in Concert of Prayer where they walked through the ACTS model of prayer. Students offered prayers of Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication to God. Students prayed individually and in groups and Youth Group Leaders also had the opportunity to pray over there students. Casey Cockrell challenged the students to consider who was sitting on the throne of their heart and who was the king of their life.

While students have had the opportunity to engage in worship at the church in the evening, students have also had the opportunity to worship on their work sites during the day. Students have repaired roofs in the Victoria area and served as God’s instruments, displaying God’s love for their homeowners. These students’ work in the Victoria community was on display for all to see, and served as a testimony to neighbors as well.

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