Bouncers Challenged to Share the Gospel Anytime, Anywhere, and with Anyone

by Cherish Mason on June 21, 2018 in BOUNCE

Bouncers have had a busy week helping homeowners who are still recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. A group of students in New Caney, TX have been installing sheet rock and repairing the ceiling of Ms. Mary's home. Mary's home was submerged in over eight feet of water due to flooding from the San Jacinto River. She and her husband tried to salvage any furniture they could, but the flood destroyed nearly everything that they owned. Mary and her husband waded out in waist high water to a rescue boat which took them to a local shelter. Mary is still trying to rebuild her home almost a year later and she is thankful for the work that Bouncers are doing on her home this week. 

Bouncers have been encouraged this week as they see how their hard work is impacting homeowners in the community. While the work that they are doing is one step towards restoring hope to Houston, Carlos Francis, this week's worship speaker, has been challenging students during worship to continue living a life on mission even after Bounce ends. Carlos has been walking students through the book of Acts, and tonight he challenged students to be willing to share theirfaith at anytime, anywhere and with anyone. Carlos' prayer for students is that they would leave Bounce with a greater desire to study God's word and a willingness to share the Word, which is Christ Jesus. While Bounce has ignited the passion of many youth students this week, Carlos reminded us all that the Christian life is one of discipleship and continual learning and does not end with the culmination of a mission trip.

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