BOUNCERS With Some "Wow Moments"

by Jordan Pitman on July 12, 2017 in BOUNCE

Recovery efforts continue to move along at worksite today.  BOUNCE has twelve teams in Jennings and surrounding communities.  Houses were chosen based on word of mouth, through members in FBC Jennings, Carey Baptist Association, and other organizations that are continuing to help resident recover from last year’s flood.

Due to some storms in the area, some teams had to briefly work in the rain.  However, BOUNCERS are still working hard all day. Some teams are close to finishing and may have a chance to begin work on other houses tomorrow. All teams hope to have as many projects completed by the end of the week!

Ministry teams have also had the chance to meet people in the neighborhoods that they are serving in by doing prayer walks during their breaks.  Many of their “Wow Moments” have been getting to pray for people in their yards and at their homes for various needs.  Even worksite residents share stories that have made an impact on the ministry teams this week.  It is exciting to know that these BOUNCERS are getting a chance to meet any need, whether physical or spiritual, through the act of serving this week.

Pray for the work BOUNCERS are doing this week, that it would be an encouragement to residents in the area.   Also, pray for favorable weather conditions throughout the week.

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