BOUNCing Out of Jennings

by Jordan Pitman on July 17, 2017 in BOUNCE

That’s a wrap here in Jennings, Louisiana! Our teams finished all of their projects, receiving more than just sunburns and sore hands.  Through their service this week they have received blessings from the residents and communities here. 

One resident was moved to tears today as she returned home from work to see her finished house.  Lake Arthur resident Victoria and her seven month old received a new roof and paint job to their damaged house.  She was very grateful for the work of our BOUNCERS and will continue to share her store of restored hope to her coworkers and neighbors.

This week could have gone as smoothly without our coordinators and staff.  Michelle and Jess Merriott, a great husband and wife duo, lead as our Mission Coordinator and Construction Coordinator.  We are thankful for the work they put into this mission before and during our time here.  We are also thankful for our Worship Speaker, Eric Martinez, for his leadership and insight into our time of bible study each night.  As always, we want to thank our collegiate staff for the work they put in behind the scenes to help each mission go well. Our collegiate staff includes Dan Hassell, Isaac Childs, Amy Prentice, and Jordan Pitman.

Our host this week, First Baptist Church Jennings, has gone above and beyond to accommodate all 200 participants this week.  Their service to us is greatly appreciated!

Please be in prayer for teams as they BOUNCE back home tomorrow morning.  Some have quite a long drive and safety is a top priority.  Also, be in prayer continually for this community and the impact, stories, and love that will continue to be shared by those helped through BOUNCE! 

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