CLC participates in Sanctity of Life Celebration, provides resources for churches

by Texas Baptists Communications on December 21, 2021 in News

On Sunday, January 9, the Christian Life Commission (CLC) will participate in a Sanctity of Life Celebration service at Meadowridge Community Baptist Church in Fort Worth.

The service will take place during Meadowridge’s 10 a.m. worship service and will include conversations explaining current pro-life legislation, how the heartbeat bill impacts pregnancy centers, and how churches and church members can get involved.

Following the event, recordings of the talks will be available on social media and the CLC’s website. CLC Ethics and Justice Director Dr. David Sanchez explained that the Meadowridge service is being held two weeks prior to the Sanctity of Human Life Sunday so that churches looking for resources for that Sunday will be able to access these recordings. This year Sanctity of Human Life Sunday falls on January 23, 2022.

“It’s a way to provide churches with a resource to show during the Sanctity of Human Life Sunday if they want that access,” he said.

The event will open with a prayer led by CLC Public Policy Director Michael Evans, Jr., followed by a conversation between Sanchez and legal consultant John Litzler, who will explain the current legislation surrounding the sanctity of life and what is happening in the legal system now. Following that discussion, Sanchez and CLC Associate Director Dr. Katie Fruge will share about the impact of the heartbeat bill on pregnancy centers and how churches can partner with them.

To conclude the service, Meadowridge will have some of their church members talk about how they have been able to use their unique skills and gifts to make a difference in the many fields surrounding the sanctity of life. Sanchez hopes that this will help others realize that they can also be involved in ministry and see that everyone has usable skills and abilities.

“This [event] really helps us to live out Micah 6:8, every facet of it. [We will talk about] doing justice in terms of defending the rights of the unborn; doing mercy through loving young mothers so that the task of raising a child doesn’t feel impossible; and walking humbly, reminding ourselves that we all find ourselves in times of great need. And Christ fills that need for us and allows us to do that for others,” he explained.

In future years, the CLC will travel to churches around Texas to hold the service. Sanchez explained that this is an exciting opportunity to engage with churches in different cities and regions about this important issue. He encouraged interested churches to reach out.

For more information and to access the recordings after the January 9 service, go to

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