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by Ryan Jespersen on September 21, 2015 in Great Commandment

The following prayer guide is a monthly outline of ways to pray for Texas Cities. It is specifically for churches and church leaders in these cities. Our prayer is that the Kingdom of God will be advanced and these churches will be encouraged. Also that they will be healthy as the work to be the church in our urban areas.

Please use the following prayer as guides, though they can be prayed verbatim it is better for you to put these prayers in your own words.

  • Father you are the ruler of the universe (Psalm 115:3). Thus you are the ruler and the God of the cities of Texas. Father because you own all things, you are the one who has the resources needed to do work in the cities. You are the one who has the finances (Psalm 50:10). You are the one who call people out for certain work (Ephesians 2:10). Therefore, we pray for both the financial and people resources to pour into Texas Cities. To see people come to faith in Christ, and to see people disciple in that new relationship.
  • Father, we pray for pastors and church leaders who are frustrated in their work. Lord, we know that at times working in the city can be a difficult thing to do. Therefore, we pray that you would encourage their hearts. That, father, you would remind them to lean into your grace as they do the work you have called them to.

In this portion, we will be sharing names of pastors, church leaders, and churches. If you have a pastor or church leader who is working in an urban, inner-city, or area that is shifting demographically; feel free to send their name and we will be sure to add them to our monthly prayer sheet.

Father, I pray for pastors and church leaders of urban churches to be able to discern the needs of the community. Once this has been done; I pray that they will be able to put together specific ministries and ministry descriptions. That people in their church and perhaps people from outside their church will step up and meet those needs. We pray, right now, for the ministry connections that need to be made to get the great work you are doing done. We pray that Texas Baptist Urban Missions, Texas Baptists, local associations and others will be a part of making these connections. Give ministry leaders wisdom in how to best put together these connections.

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