“Greeted with hope”: North Texas ministry empowers, serves mothers

by Guest Author on April 30, 2018 in Hunger Offering

By Abby Hopkins

In 2017, 123 young women considering abortion came to a ministry in Decatur. After receiving loving assistance from Wise Choices Pregnancy Care Center, 103 of these “abortion-minded” women chose life, and the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering is playing a role in serving these new families.

“These girls are absolutely heroes. Choosing to love the child, even when it’s hard – it’s what motherhood is all about,” said Connie Wyatt, CEO of Wise Choices.

Wise Choices is a Texas Baptist Hunger Offering ministry that seeks to empower families throughout a woman’s pregnancy and for the first year of the baby’s life by giving hope.

“We meet them where they are. When they make the choice for life, they’re not in it alone,” Wyatt said.

Wise Choices was founded in 2000 and opened its building in 2001. Since opening, it has added a resource center and limited medical clinic.

The ministry offers many free resources to the community, including pregnancy tests, sonograms, the Earn While You Learn program, pregnancy classes in schools, and more.

Hunger Offering funds are used to provide formula and other items for the children and their mothers. This January, the program served 58 households.

Wise Choices does not just provide material resources; it meets emotional needs, too. Through their love and service, Wise Choices saw 48 individuals profess their faith in Jesus last year.

“If we’re going to do it, we want it to be in a way that shows them they are valuable right this minute,” Wyatt said. “Their lives are worthy of the good things and the hope and everything the Lord has for them. We want everything we do to repeat that message.

Wise Choices is honest with the girls about the challenges they will face but consistently reiterates that the girls are not in it alone, Wyatt said.

“We’re telling them there’s hope and that their lives can be anything they want it to be, even with this child. It doesn’t have to be a deterrent.”

Whether the girls choose parenting or adoption, Connie says the decision is where the heart of a mother is formed.

The Texas Baptist Hunger Offering gives 100 percent of its donations to ministries like Wise Choices that seek to serve those in need. This Mother’s Day, we invite you to consider giving to the Hunger Offering in honor of your mom.

Abby Hopkins is an intern with the Christian Life Commission and a student at the University of Texas in Austin.

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