How to Protest Your Property Value Notice

by Financial Health Team on May 10, 2022 in Financial Health

The Ministers Financial Health Team within the Center for Ministerial Health works to help pastors and ministers plan for a secure financial future in ministry through matching grants, low-interest loans, personal financial counseling, and online resources. Webinars co-hosted by Christian Messemer, a Certified Financial Planner and creator of StewardTalks, are held monthly on financial topics to help pastors and ministers navigate finances and be better fiscal leaders in their home and church.

This month’s webinar covers how to protest your property value notice because many Texans across the state have received notice of their properties’ new appraised value and are experiencing sticker shock. “For families already living on tight budgets, higher taxes can greatly impact a family’s ability to save and cuts into other budget items,” said Tammy Tervooren from the Financial Health Team.

Chandler Crouch, a Fort Worth based real estate broker and realtor who protested on behalf of 20,000 homeowners last year, covers in the webinar how to spend minimal time protesting your taxes and also provides education on how the property tax system works in Texas. Watch the webinar here.

Keep in mind that watching the webinar sooner than later is important because the deadline for homeowners to protest the appraised value is May 16th. “Time is running out. Protest deadlines vary from county to county, but most deadlines are May 16th,” Chandler says. "Everybody should protest. Take the steps described in this video to potentially save thousands on your property tax value. There's no way to know how much you can save until you take the steps I describe in this video and try. It's free and you have nothing to lose."

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