MAP Stories: Opening People’s Hearts to Christ in South Asia

by Gloria Tillman on February 10, 2022 in News

The Missionary Adoption Program (MAP) has MAP missionaries serving in 10 countries, with more countries continuing to be added. In one of the program’s newest partnerships, MAP is working with local church planters in South Asia through the International Mission Board (IMB). Our MAP Missionaries are making a difference in their local mission fields. You can be a part of starting churches and bringing people to Christ through missionaries like *Rayaan.

A man named *Samesh was asking for help for his sick daughter. Rayaan invited the man to his home and shared the good news of the gospel with him. Samesh was very excited and happy to hear the good news. He is very open to hearing more about the gospel. Samesh is a local Muslim religious leader for a small group of nomadic families. These are the same people group that Rayaan's ministry team is focused on reaching. If Samesh were to believe, many other families would likely also be open to the gospel because of his influence.

Rayaan is using his home as a discipleship and evangelism training center. The space provides the perfect training environment to host Hindu/Muslim background believers for multi-day trainings. The attendees are usually young men with a desire to reach their villages for Christ. They are focused on bringing the good news to impoverished nomadic herders who generally practice folk Islam.

"Thank you so much for your love, kindness, contributions, and prayers. Your love enables us to do ministry and your prayers are opening people's hearts. We really expect and need your prayers. Thank you for your attention and caring about our work,” Rayaan said.

MAP is a ministry of the Center for Missional Engagement. Through the program, Texas Baptists churches can partner with churches around the world to support a local missionary. For more information about MAP, or how your church can be involved in supporting missionaries like Rayaan, visit

*Names changed for security reasons

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