MAP stories: Reaching the Amazon during a pandemic

by Guest author on June 30, 2020 in MAP Stories

The Brito family is part of the Texas Baptists Missionary Adoption Program.

Meet the Brito Family and learn how they are serving during the COVID-19 pandemic. Márcio, Sheyla and their daughter serve as missionaries in the Amazon region of Brazil. They plant churches in Rio Branco, Acre. 

The Britos sent a message to share what they have been struggling with during this difficult time:

"We are having a very difficult time since we had to stop our activities [because of the pandemic]. This has left us concerned, especially with the new converts [Christians], who are not being followed up close [discipled] like we did before. We have been trying to make contacts through social networks, praying for them, and advising them, but it hasn't been the same. This week I had to make some visits to try to be closer to them. They are missing the contact, so I had to visit some families. Some of them even had financial problems because of this pandemic. Yesterday, I was reading the Bible and praying with a family that was recently baptized. They've been struggling since the husband lost his job, and this affected their relationship and family environment. But we are helping as much as possible providing basic supplies."

The Britos have kept up with some activities, including online services and sending materials for the small groups so that each family can worship at their own house since they are not allowed to meet in a large group.

Prayer requests include:

  • For their family, that God continues to sustain them during this time, keeping them healthy and ready to work. 
  • For the spiritual life of the church, that they may stand firm in the Lord's promises.
  • For the new Christians, that they do not become discouraged and turn away from the ways of the Lord, who is our strength and our security.

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