Updates from the Amazon

by Guest author on March 25, 2021 in MAP Stories

In Brazil, Missionary Adoption Program (MAP) missionaries are continuing to spread the Gospel across the country. Read updates from two missionaries serving in cities and villages along the Amazon river.

Marcos Alvaro

Even with the quarantine decreed, the city government authorized a team of doctors to come to us in the boat “The Missionary.” Following all safety parameters, people in our community were able to consult with doctors and receive medicine. This caravan also delivered oral health kits, school bags for children and basic food baskets for each family. We felt God's care for our community through the lives of each volunteer.

The pandemic situation worsened a lot during the month and the National Mission Board [of the Brazilian Baptist Convention] started SOS Manuas to raise donations for the purchase of oxygen, PPE, basic food baskets, etc. to help people in the city of Manuas. The missionaries there distributed donations in hospitals and homes of needy families. Materials were also sent to carry out these actions in the municipalities of Amazonas and, on January 22, we went to the municipality of Nova Olinda to work on this action. There, we distributed snacks to patients and health professionals, basic food baskets at home and prayed with everyone who gave us the opportunity. Pray for our Amazon.

Josivan Brito

We took a trip up the Paraguay River, where we found some riverside and indigenous communities.

We stopped in Porto Índio, in the barracks of the Brazilian Army, on the border between Brazil and Bolivia. We were invited by the commander of that detachment to hold a service of praise and worship to our God. It was a wonderful service, with the participation of several soldiers and the commander in addition to our caravan.

We crossed the border and found a village of Bolivian Indians, and there we provided medical and dental care, distributed basic food baskets, did haircuts and distributed different clothes. We also celebrated a worship and praise service to our God, where we dedicated to the Lord a newborn baby, called Yasmin.

How wonderful it is to be able to serve the Lord! What a privilege to be an instrument in His hands! And you are part of that. He wants to save many lives that live by the rivers, on the margins of society. We stopped in several communities where there were many children who needed to be reached. There are many people, in remote places, who need the love of Christ! They need to hear to believe the Savior.

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