Paredes emphasizes placing trust in the ‘Great I AM’ at Family Gathering

by Kirsten McKimmey on August 29, 2018 in Faith

Jason Paredes, lead pastor of Fielder Church in Arlington, Texas, presented the sermon during the last evening worship session of 2018 Texas Baptists Family Gathering.

He read from John 18:1-27, the last moments before Jesus’ crucifixion, and spoke about the character of Judas, Peter and Jesus. Paredes pointed out the human nature we share with Judas - the desire to control our circumstances, and, sometimes, our desire to control God’s plan. “We’re a little more like Judas than we think,” he said.

As he transitioned into verses 12-17, Paredes spoke on the crippling fear that drove Peter in the moments after Jesus’ arrest. A man that was once said he would die for Jesus ended up betraying him, being fearful for his own life. “When you are controlled by fear and anxiety, you will destroy yourself,” Paredes said.

Parades commented that we wake up every day as either Judas or Peter–either driven by manipulation and control or fear and anxiety.

He continued, “There’s only one solution to that problem. You have to come to the end of yourself so, that you'll finally look beyond yourself for help. You have to come to the end of your rope before you'll start looking to another rope for help. This is exactly what Peter does and he doesn't even realize he's doing it."

"Jesus rises up from the dead so that He can be the 'Great I AM' and so that you and I can be the 'not I am',” Paredes continued. “But, you have to choose to be the 'not I am'. You have to choose to let Him do for you what you cannot do for yourself.”

Paredes preached the following sermon on July 31 in Arlington. To view the entire sermon, click play below.

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