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by Guest Author on March 3, 2021 in MAP Stories

It has been such an amazing blessing to read report after report from Missionary Adoption Program (MAP) missionaries in Brazil about how, despite a second wave of COVID-19 in January 2021, God is still moving in their ministries. They are taking every effort to keep themselves and their villages safe and are still working to build the church and share Christ. Here are some stories from the field during this time of pandemic and quarantine in 2021 in Brazil.

Cleyde Nery:

Dear ones, we can witness the wonderful action of the Lord even in the smallest details and we are thankful to be used in the way He wants in the lives of others, In this time of pandemic, where schools are at a standstill, we realized that the difficulties of some of our Discipleship relationships involved learning and reading. It was then that we started teaching literacy to two of the girls we disciple, Illana and Sebastiana. We realized this in one of the studies when we asked what would prevent them from doing more of Christ's will, and Sebastiana prayed that she would learn to read the word of God. Her warm and simple prayer of expressing how much she would like to read so that she could teach the word of God to those who do not really know it was exciting, and we believe that the Lord welcomed it.

Douglas Nascimento:

Here in the city of Tefé, some ministries are happening to try, in some way, to alleviate the great difficulties that the residents face. Homemade masks were once again produced and distributed, as well as hygiene kits with soap, toothbrush, and toothpaste, which were also delivered to the regional hospital this time, for distribution to patients with COVID-19, as well as other diseases.

Aid also came through basic baskets that were distributed in the five riverside communities where the missionaries of that region work, namely Marajó, Caiambé, Nogueira, Punã and Marajaí village. We sailed five hours in a small boat so that these baskets could reach these communities. In the midst of this work, we reached a group of people who live on the margins of society, surviving on what is discarded as garbage, mining the landfill that exists here. This was a very remarkable moment for us, and it certainly transformed our character and values a little more. We see there a possibility for new ministries, and we are praying that we can reach the children and adults in that community with the light of Christ.

Eleama Franklin:

During this period, we have met in the church building, due to the good ventilation, with great care, and we have used masks in all services and activities performed. Unfortunately, there are some objections regarding the use of the masks but thank God most of the attendees have calmly agreed to participate in the services with safety rules. One of the brothers, Mr. Nilson, even said that if we are to get together to "listen to the Word of God, then [wearing a mask is] fine." We carried out the Bible study group at his house, following the protocols. His wife had asked us for help with Bible studies and help with her alcoholism. She wanted to return to the ways of the Lord. When we arrived at the community, she hardly spoke to us, and we only interacted with her daughters Nira and Talita, who take music classes with us and play at the services. We have now become close to the whole family and started discipleship teaching with them.

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