TBM chainsaw, feeding, shower units respond to Bowie tornado

by John Hall on May 26, 2020 in News

Two days after a tornado stormed through Bowie, the city is quiet on a Sunday afternoon. Residents here are working diligently to remove fallen limbs and sort through debris. They know they have a long process ahead of them.

Fortunately, they have help. Men and women in yellow shirts serving across the city are, literally, God sends.

Responding to God's call to minister to people after disasters such as this tornado, TBM chainsaw, feeding and shower units are responding to needs after a storm damaged 200 homes and affected 50 businesses in Bowie. 

TBM chainsaw teams from Collin and Denton Counties are going house to house clearing and removing fallen trees, many of them over 25 feet tall and three feet in diameter. The teams prioritize the most vulnerable residents such as senior citizens and people with health issues.

The TBM Rapid Response Feeding Unit is also in Bowie providing free meals. Today, volunteers offered hamburgers, chicken sandwiches and sides. In days to come, they will continue serving the community. Additionally, a TBM shower unit is in use in Bowie.

"In some of the toughest days of people's lives, we're offering help, hope and healing," said TBM Chief Executive Officer Mickey Lenamon. "Our teams provide an extra hand in removing a tree, a warm meal and prayer. We try to remind people that God loves them."

Working through increasingly hot, humid afternoons, volunteers are unphased by the weather. No matter how hard the task in front of them, they continue to smile through arduous projects. They encourage one another and homeowners. As team members work on trees, other volunteers get to know residents better, offering prayer and an opportunity to decompress from what they have experienced.

"Going through a disaster affects a person on multiple levels," Lenamon said. "It impacts a person physically, emotionally and spiritually. We seek to meet people's needs on each of those levels, as Jesus modeled for us in the New Testament."

TBM can respond so quickly to disasters because of prayer and financial support from people like you. To give financially, visit TBMTX.org/donate. All donations made to TBM disaster relief support disaster relief ministries.

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