​Training Mexican church leaders in communal evangelism

by Leah Reynolds on November 3, 2014 in News

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO: Eight Texas Baptist organic church leaders journeyed to Mexico City, Mexico the first week of October to train local church leaders on how to share the Gospel in their communities using personal evangelism and the 4byfour method. Throughout the week, they experienced God's provision and power. Forty individuals on the streets accepted Christ as Lord, and 19 young people surrendered to the call to ministry. Read these personal testimonies from a few of the missionaries:

Sharing Christ in the community

As we went out to the streets of Mexico City to share about God, it surprised me to see that the people we talked to were very open to the Word. I remember sharing the Gospel with a young man named Fernando at a tortilleria. People would stop by to get their tortillas, but Fernando would keep listening to me. There was a moment when it was just the two of us and Fernando asked me in Spanish, "What do I have to do to receive Christ? I want a new life."

Right at that moment we began to pray, and he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Afterwards, as the whole team continued to walk to the next block, many more people like Fernando made professions of faith.

Olber Roblero, Hispanic pastor for Life Church of San Antonio

Taking a stand for the sake of the Gospel

As I was walking down a street, I saw a nice picture on the wall of an old building. I got close to it and took a picture. In less than three minutes, I had a male about my age in my face saying to me, "May that be the last picture you ever take in my community. Shut up and stop sharing about that Jesus."

I held my breath, looked at him in his eyes, and said, "No, I will not stop taking pictures and I will not stop preaching nor stop sharing about Jesus. That's what I came for, to tell you about Jesus."

My prayer is to continue to share my faith to others in places where others are scared to go. Missions is my heart, life and passion.

Mario Garcia, director of missions for Laredo Baptist Association

Overlooking fear to speak truth

One evening I met Ricardo walking down the street. I stopped, spoke to him and asked, "Do you have five minutes? I am not here to talk about religion or going to church…I want to tell you how you can have a personal relationship with God."

Then I told him, "If I were to walk out in the road and get hit by a car, I know where I am going; do you?"

He replied, "If you like I can finish your life for you right now."

The other pastor who was with me became scared, but after five minutes of sharing the Gospel with Ricardo he began to cry and said, "As you were telling me this story my heart began to feel different."

Ricardo surrendered his life to Christ there on the street. This is the power of the Gospel.

Abraham Garcia, Hispanic pastor for First Baptist Church in Kaufman

Impacting one another

This trip made an impact in our own ministries because we realized that our brothers in Mexico can do a lot of things without money. They are so passionate in the things they do for the Lord. We learned from them and had the opportunity to share the Gospel with people on their streets.

Mario Gonzalez, director of multi-housing and organic churches for Texas Baptists

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