Bivocational Ministry: Ira Antoine

Houston, TX

Bivocational pastors have two full-time jobs. They are fully committed both to their churches and their vocational jobs.

“Bivocational ministers can work up to 75 hours a week,” said Director of Bivocational Ministry Ira Antoine. “Forty hours on a secular job and at least 30 on church work.”

Texas Baptists Bivocational Ministry exists to encourage and equip these pastors, Ira explained.

“They may not have a formal theological education, so we do training and equipping workshops on weekends,” Ira said, adding that another challenge these pastors face is finding balance in their lives and getting adequate rest.

“We also coordinate regional retreats for the ministers and their spouses,” he said. “We call them Mark 6 Retreats, because in Mark 6 Jesus said, ‘Come to a quiet place and rest a while.’ It’s how we encourage them to take a break.”

When our church gives through the Cooperative Program, a portion of your offering allows Ira to facilitate and build relationships with bivocational pastors. Today, let’s pray for Ira and the bivocational ministers he serves.


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