Elizabeth Biedrzycki

San Antonio, TX

As South Texas Regional Coordinator for Texas Baptists, Elizabeth Biedrzycki works to engage with millennials. She has a passion for emerging generations and leaders and is often on the field, pioneering new work to see generational outreach and transformation.

In order to equip young leaders, Elizabeth spearheaded a new gathering, the Horizon Council, this past year. This council is made up of emerging young leaders who seek to address the future work of Texas Baptists. The chairman of the council, Abraham Quinones, said, “We love being part of Texas Baptists life. We are proud of it. We want to move together into the future of what the church will be and can be.”

Our church’s gifts through the Cooperative Program support Elizabeth’s work of engaging young leaders. Join me in praying for her work across the state, that she would be able to reach struggling generations and the churches reaching out to them.


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