Hendrick Medical Center

Abilene, TX

The life-or-death situations that many face at hospitals can bring them to wonder about God and eternity. It’s a critical time in which people are often more open to receiving truth.

Bruce Lampert and the Pastoral Care Team at Hendrick Medical Center in Abilene, TX, are available to minister to those needs. Pastoral care sta also help facilitate grief support groups and cancer support groups.

Patients at Hendrick Medical Center are surrounded by opportunities to connect with Christ. Not only are they able to visit with a chaplain, but patients also experience God’s Word through scripture cards placed on their breakfast trays and daily devotional thoughts heard over the public address system.

Lampert, who has been the director of pastoral care since 1993, said that at Hendrick Medical Center, “the care Christ demonstrated in his earthly ministry is extended through the labors of His people.”

He asks that we pray for the chaplains to be sucient to the challenges they encounter and that they would be “creative, industrious, resourceful, and energetic in delivering Christ’s care to patients and to their families.”

Our church’s gifts through the Cooperative Program provide funds to expand the scope of chaplain presence at Hendrick Medical Center. Let’s pray for them now.


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