John & Mary Hanes

North Africa

John and Mary Hanes* work to reach the Berber people, a large and almost completely Muslim people group who live in more than half a dozen countries across North Africa. The work is slow, but not impossible, as a number of churches have been planted among the Berbers.

Building trust among the Berber people has taken time. The Hanes saw a need in the community for fuel for cooking, so they began collecting trash and converting it into usable fuel. Their local church started helping and opened a trash-processing center. Now the church provides fuel to more than 40 needy families around them. This helps meet a serious need but also enables John and Mary to get to know people and establish trust.

Our church has helped in planting these churches with our Cooperative Program giving each month. Today let’s pray for our missionaries, John and Mary, and let’s thank God that even trash can be used to share the Gospel!

*Name changed


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