Joy Kirkland

South Asia

Joy Kirkland* serves in a nation in South Asia where being a missionary is dangerous. Living in a predominantly Muslim country, the women are very restricted in what they are allowed to wear. Joy noticed one of the ways women “dressed up” was by making designs on their hands with “henna.” So Joy learned how to make and use the henna designs to tell Bible stories.

One day, Joy met Miriam* at a local children’s center. Joy shared Bible stories with her using the henna technique. Later, when Miriam’s husband found her reading the Bible, he slapped her and left their home. While he was away, Miriam prayed and gave her heart to Christ. When her husband returned, Miriam told him she was going to continue to follow Christ, no matter the cost.

At Joy’s invitation, Miriam began to lead other Bible study groups, using the henna designs to tell Bible stories and lead other women to follow Jesus.

Our church supports missionaries like Joy through our Cooperative Program giving. Today, let’s thank God for Joy’s faithfulness in serving in South Asia. Pray that God would bless Miriam, her new faith, her new ministry and that one day Miriam’s husband would also come to faith in Christ.

*Name changed


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