Laura Reece

Mali, West Africa

Laura Reece* serves in Mali, a primarily desert nation where water is precious. It can be a hard place to live and serve.

Laura works with the Samogho people. At first, there was just one Christian believer among them, a woman named Ta. When she died in 2005, there were no other Christians. But Ta’s son, Jak, had seen his mother’s faith — and he wanted that for his life. So he asked Laura to teach him.

For 10 years, Laura met with Jak once a week to pray and study the Bible. By 2015, Jak and 22 others3 of the Samogho people had become believers. They gathered together and started the first church among their people. By early 2018, seven churches were started with 160 total members. Jak became one of the leaders.

Imagine working 10 years to disciple one young man so God could use him to share the Gospel among his people!

Our church helps support Laura through our Cooperative Program giving. Let us thank God today for giving Laura the courage to live in a hard place and the patience to be faithful.

*Name changed


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