Roger & Diana Hartsill

Vienna, Austria

Maria* is a native-Brazilian who resettled in Vienna, Austria. One day, she felt God calling her to a very specific mission: to share Christ with Persian-speaking people from Iran. At the time she did not even know any Iranians. But within a week of hearing God’s call, Maria met a young woman from Iran. She invited her new friend to study the Bible with her, and soon others joined them.

After the small Bible study grew to 100 people — some native Austrians, some Iranian, Afghani, and Vietnamese. Maria called on IMB missionaries Roger and Diana Hartsill* for help discipling these new believers. The Hartsills first served in South America, then relocated to Austria for the specific purpose of mobilizing South Americans, like Maria, to witness to newcomers from around the world.

With their help, a new church was started — a church composed of people from many lands, speaking many languages, but united in their love for Jesus Christ.

Our church supports IMB missionaries like the Hartsills through our gifts to the Cooperative Program. Let’s pray for the work of our European missionaries as they plant new churches and disciple new believers.

*Name changed


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