Super Summer

Across Texas

Super Summer started in 1974 not as a camp, but as a week of evangelism training for students. Over the decades, many things have changed, but Super Summer’s focus remains constant: teaching students to know and share the Gospel.

“These students leave with a deeper understanding of the Gospel,” said Blake Marlow, youth pastor of First Baptist Church of Terrell. “We had kids that were asking hard questions… that we do not normally get at church, but they are willing to ask here.”

In training sessions divided by grades, students learn foundational disciplines to broaden their understanding of scripture. These sessions, led by student ministers, BSM directors, school teachers, pastors and university professors, teach a range of topics from defining elements of the Gospel to practical application of sharing the Gospel.

This past summer, 2,929 students and leaders participated in Super Summer across ve Texas Baptists college campuses. And although Super Summer is designed for students who already have a relationship with Jesus, some discover their need for Jesus for the very first time. Our church’s contributions through the Cooperative Program help make this ministry possible.

Join me in praying for these students whose lives have been forever changed by the Gospel through Super Summer.


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