TBM Water Ministry

Nairobi, Kenya

Since 1967, Texas Baptist Men (TBM) has responded to disasters in Texas and beyond. One way they do that is through their Water Ministry.

TBM’s Water Ministry partners with stateside churches to help mission churches in poverty-stricken areas bring clean water, proper hygiene and a means of self-reliance to their communities, all while sharing the love of Jesus Christ. Over the course of two decades, they have provided long-term water purification systems in over 74 countries and are actively drilling projects in eight countries.

For empowerment and sustainability of any ongoing project, it is vital to have indigenous participation and community input. That’s why, alongside providing clean water, TBM works with local indigenous churches to train people in their communities in pump repair and soap-making. Both skills give individuals an opportunity for self-employment as they are able to take control of meeting their own needs. Safe water and good hygiene can change the health and economy of an entire village - it gives them hope for a better future.

Because of our church’s gifts through the Cooperative Program, TBM volunteers are able to supply clean water and resources to impoverished areas across the world. Join me in praying for TBM and the lives that they touch through their water ministry.


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