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Dallas, TX

Enrollment at The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) is 27,642 students. Thousands are international students from countries such as India, China and Iran, where missionaries are banned or Christians are heavily persecuted.

UTD is ranked 11th in the nation for ethnically diverse student populations. The Baptist Student Ministry at UTD is reaching out to international students to share the Gospel with them.

“The world is coming here to our backyard, and these students are going back home to their home countries that we can’t even reach,” said Mark Warrington, UTD BSM director. “They’re very educated, and they come to our free lunches. We have Gospel conversations, and they keep coming back.”

The rhythm and heartbeat of the BSM at UTD is Gospel-centered. At every weekly event, the main focus is sharing the Gospel with others and creating a Christ-centered culture for students.

Our church supports the BSM at UTD through our gifts to the Cooperative Program. Let’s pray for Mark, the BSM and the thousands of students at UTD in need of the Gospel.


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