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Plainview, TX

Reid Burkett, Baptist Student Ministry (BSM) director at Wayland Baptist University, has seen firsthand the impact that BSM has on students’ lives, including his own.

When he was a sophomore at Howard Payne University (HPU), Reid came to know the Lord. As a new believer who felt called to ministry, Reid became involved with the HPU BSM, saying that their director was the first person to invite him in and give him a chance to learn and do ministry. “It’s had a huge impact in my life,” he said. “I wouldn’t be in ministry today if it wasn’t for HPU BSM.”

As a BSM director now at WBU, Reid’s story has come full circle, and he wants to give the same chance to Wayland students that was given to him. One of those students is named Kaili. In the fall of 2018, upon hearing the Gospel presentation at the BSM’s first Monday night gathering, Kaili couldn’t shake the feeling that she needed more in her life. After sleepless nights and conversations with the BSM’s leadership team, Kaili approached Reid at a BSM free lunch. There, he was able to pray with her and lead her to Christ.

Since then, Kaili has been baptized and plugged into BSM. Three of Kaili’s friends also now participate in BSM. “She’s not the same person,” Reid said.

The Lord is working through the lives of BSM directors and students all over the state, and when our church gives through the Cooperative Program, we support that work. Join me today in praying for each and every student whose life is changed through this ministry.


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