Adam and Suzie Hailes


Madagascar is an island country off the east coast of Africa. It is home to about 27 million people, and it is where International Mission Board (IMB) missionaries Adam and Suzie Hailes call home. They are sharing Christ’s love and hope with those living in Madagascar.

More and more people are turning to Christ in Madagascar as they see how those around them are transformed by the Gospel. People from other parts of the island have been coming to the Hailes’ town, curious about the stories they have heard about Jesus and Christians.

One day, a criminal walked into the town, asking for someone who could tell him about Jesus. A local believer talked with him, then followed him home to share the Gospel with other criminals. The criminal became a believer, and he now tells other people about Jesus and how his life was changed.

The Hailes have helped plant nine churches in the area where the converted criminal now lives.

Our gifts through the Cooperative Program help Adam and Suzie plant these churches and continue ministering to the people of Madagascar. Let’s pray that God blesses them as they continue sharing the Gospel.


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