Angelo State University BSM

San Angelo, TX

At the beginning of the Spring 2019 semester, Delaney Bennett, a campus missionary intern at Angelo State University’s Baptist Student Ministry (BSM), was sitting at an outreach booth when a young woman, Amanda*, approached her. When Amanda started asking questions about the BSM and its ministries, Bennett set up an appointment for a more in-depth conversation with her.

At the meeting, Amanda started sharing her life story. She had lost a close family member and had struggled with several mental health issues throughout her life. Bennett listened in amazement; the events in Amanda’s life lined up almost exactly with her own.

Once Amanda finished speaking, Bennett told her, “It is only through the Lord’s sovereignty that we’re both here.”

Then Bennett shared about her own life. Amanda asked how she’d gotten through all the hardships, and Bennett explained that the hope of Jesus Christ had helped her to persevere. She talked about God’s sovereignty and His goodness. After she had shared, Amanda expressed that she wanted to turn from her sin and accept Jesus. Bennett explained to her what that entailed, and Amanda prayed to receive salvation. The two girls returned to the BSM building to get Amanda her own copy of the Bible, and they continued to meet and read the Bible together regularly.

The Lord is working through the lives of BSM directors, interns and students all over the state, and when our church gives through the Cooperative Program, we support that work. Join me today in praying for Amanda as she continues to walk with the Lord, as well as for other students whose lives have been and will be changed through this ministry.


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