Bryan and Jody Shippey

Framingham, MA

In 2017, Bryan and Jody Shippey, North American Mission Board (NAMB) missionaries, planted a new church in Framingham, Massachusetts. The church, called Banner Hill Church, meets on the campus of Framingham State University in the town center.

Because Banner Hill is located in the center of campus, students often walk into the Sunday morning worship service to see what church is all about. Many of these students do not have any understanding of who Jesus is or what church is like.

The Shippeys continue to see the great need for ministry on college campuses in the New England region. They are looking beyond their church to see where other churches can be planted, and they are praying that one day every college town in the region will have Gospel witnesses.

When our church gives through the Cooperative Program, we support the Shippeys’ ministry to college students in New England. Join me in praying for the Shippeys and the college students they are ministering to daily.


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