Chaplaincy Relations: Prison Ministry

El Paso, TX

Every Sunday evening in El Paso, around 90 men dressed in solid white pants and shirts take their seats in metal folding chairs. They soak up biblical teaching, lift their hands in worship and bow their heads in prayer.

Aside from their attire, the men all share one thing in common – they are inmates of the Rogelio Sanchez State Jail. As the official jail chaplain Juan Lucero looks upon the inmates, he is in awe of how God is moving through each man.

“In the 30-plus years that I’ve been a minister, I’ve seen so many inmates who have really and completely changed and turned around,” Lucero said.

While volunteers from Del Sol Church, a local Texas Baptists congregation, lead music and teach each Sunday, Lucero is available during both the Sunday service and throughout the week to answer questions, pray with the inmates and further explain the message of salvation.

Our church’s gifts through the Cooperative Program endorse chaplains who are taking the Gospel to a place where Christ’s love is desperately needed – our prisons. Let’s pray for Chaplain Lucero, other prison chaplains and Texas’ inmates as they share and receive the great message of eternal salvation.


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