Children at Heart Ministries

Round Rock, TX

From the time Scott and Kelsi Knife were married, God grew a dream in their hearts of fostering and adopting. When faced with unexpected infertility for two years, Scott and Kelsi reached out to STARRY, a faith-based Christian foster care and adoption agency based in Round Rock, about the steps necessary to become licensed foster parents. STARRY is a partner ministry of Children at Heart Ministries, a Texas Baptists affiliated institution.

After three months of training, the couple was licensed. Within a week they received a call about nine-day-old Colton, whom they joyfully welcomed into their home.

“As long as I live, I will never forget that day,” Scott recalls. “It was amazing that we were entrusted with something so precious.”

Just three days after bringing Colton home, Scott and Kelsi received another surprise blessing — Kelsi was pregnant.

Knowing the value of biological family and in support of eventual reunification, Scott and Kelsi strove to maintain a relationship with Colton’s biological mother. Realizing Scott and Kelsi could provide a safe and loving home, Colton’s mother asked if they would be willing to adopt Colton.

In December 2016 they found out they were approved to move forward with the adoption. In July 2017, Colton officially became part of their family.

When our church gives through the Cooperative Program, we are supporting the great work that Children at Heart Ministries does through foster care and adoption. Let’s pray that more hearts will be open to foster and adopt children desperately in need of a loving home.


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