Church Architecture

Fort Worth, TX

Southside City Church in Fort Worth came up with a radical plan for reaching more people with their ministry. The church would sell their traditional church building and move into a former convenience store in the heart of its target area for ministry.

With that idea in mind, Southside reached out to the Texas Baptists Church Architecture team to see how they could turn a store into a functioning, well-organized church building. Pat Ekern, a church architecture specialist, worked with Southside to conceptualize a transformation of the building.

Ekern’s plan to redesign the building included adding a worship area, a multipurpose room, a full kitchen and an office area for staff members. Southside will use this building to care for impoverished and homeless populations in the area through serving food, providing rehabilitation services and, most importantly, evangelizing.

Ekern has noticed a shift in the way churches are planning their buildings. Much like Southside, many churches now ask for buildings designed to help them meet both spiritual and physical needs.

“Suddenly, it seems like the Baptist churches of Texas are aware that it’s time to respond, and, this is an opportunity God has given us to reach people to… meet their physical needs,” Ekern explained, speaking of the growing physical needs in many Texan communities.

When we give through the Cooperative Program, we are helping the Church Architecture team meet the needs of these churches and communities. Let’s pray for Southside City Church and the many others assisted by the ministry of Texas Baptists Church Architecture.


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