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For law student Sierra Woodard, knowing Christ means having compassion for the broken and aiding those who suffer injustice and oppression all over the world. That is why she pursued a double major in criminal justice and intercultural studies from Dallas Baptist University (DBU).

Woodard’s passion for international justice began in her youth when she participated in a mission trip to Guatemala. Her family later served in India for three months where they were continually involved in missions. These experiences opened Sierra’s eyes to unimaginable poverty and human suffering, and they developed within her a desire to champion international justice through the field of law.

"My faith drives me to take mercy, grace and love into a field plagued by sin,” Sierra said. “I believe we are to reflect the attributes of Christ to everyone, including the oppressed."

Sierra views her education not only as a privilege that is unavailable to many around the world, but as an opportunity to stand for those who do not share her freedoms. While pursuing her undergraduate degrees, Sierra served as president of the DBU campus’ International Justice Mission (IJM) chapter. She also dedicated many hours to studying how she could use her faith to redeem the international legal field.

When our church gives through the Cooperative Program, we support students like Sierra as they pursue Christ-centered higher education at DBU and other Baptist schools. Let’s pray for Texas Baptists educational partners across the state as they continue to provide outstanding training for the next generation of Christian leaders.


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