David and Julie Yngsdal

South Africa

Tens of thousands of refugees have settled in Durban, South Africa. They are fleeing war and violence in their home countries in other parts of Africa. Each of these refugees has experienced horrible things, both while traveling to Durban and after settling there. Many are struggling to survive in South Africa with no jobs or ways to support themselves.

David and Julie Yngsdal, a seasoned International Mission Board (IMB) missionary couple, moved to Durban to provide aid and bring Christ’s love to these hurting people.

Miriam and her three children are one such family the Yngsdals have been able to assist. They fled from their home country of Burundi after Miriam’s husband was killed in a war. In Durban, she and her kids nearly starved, surviving on rotten vegetables the children scavenged for in the garbage. One of her older daughters even became a prostitute to help support the family.

David and Julie helped provide housing for them using funds from Southern Baptists. They also helped the women obtain jobs. Now, Miriam’s family hosts Bible studies in their apartment.

When our church gives through the Cooperative Program, we help support David and Julie and the refugees they are assisting. Let’s pray that the refugees see Jesus’ love through David and Julie and turn to Him.


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