Marshall, TX

Christian joined the Baptist Student Ministry (BSM) at East Texas Baptist University (ETBU) as soon as he stepped on campus.

But when Christian’s first roommate left ETBU, Christian felt convicted. Despite having been heavily involved with the ministry on campus, he had never talked to his roommate about his faith. So, he began praying with his BSM for an opportunity to share with his next roommate.

At the beginning of the spring semester, Greg moved in and became Christian’s new roommate. When Christian invited him to church and BSM, Greg agreed to come.

One night, Greg shared his faith story with Christian, but Christian noticed that Greg never mentioned a point where Jesus had saved him. So with Greg’s permission, Christian began to use Scripture to explain our need for a Savior and how we can receive Him by faith.

That night, Greg decided to receive Jesus’ gift of salvation. Christian and Greg even called up some other ETBU friends to join them over Facetime as Greg prayed to receive salvation through Jesus Christ.

A month later, Greg was baptized at Mobberly Baptist Church in Marshall. That summer, he went back to his hometown, where he served the youth in his church at North Park Baptist Church in Sherman.

When our church gives through the Cooperative Program, ETBU’s BSM and other BSMs across the state are able to provide students with a place to worship, encourage them to grow as believers and teach them to share the Gospel with other students on campus. Join me in praying for BSMs around Texas.


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