Great Commission Team

Dallas, TX

The Great Commission Team (GCT) was formed in 2015 combining Discipleship, Evangelism and Music & Worship within a single department. Each of the three unique sections of the GCT has resources to help churches grow their various ministries.

The GCT offers specialized training conferences such as The Childhood Summit for children ministries, Conclave for youth pastoring and Boomer Life Rallies for discipling the boomer generation. These and other conferences give participating Baptist churches the opportunity to learn and to be in fellowship with one another.

The GCT also offers personalized help to any church in need. A member of the team will visit any church in need of advice, providing on-site consultations and training. No matter how small the church is or how far away, a team member will come in person to give specialized help.

In addition to these in-person resources, the GCT also has a variety of online materials, including VBS training guides, family counseling booklets and links to relevant ministries.

Everything the Great Commission Team does directly benefits Texas Baptist churches. Because of our church’s gifts through the Cooperative Program, the Great Commission Team is able to continue supporting and training churches across Texas. Let’s pray today for GCT team members and the ministries they seek to help.


These downloads are available to share during your weekly worship service.

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