Hardin-Simmons University

Abilene, TX

While pursuing a degree in physical therapy from Hardin-Simmons University (HSU), doctoral student Joseph Eunice felt God calling him to minister to orphans. He began to pray about this call and was soon introduced to a pastor from Uganda who was caring for 38 orphans with no steady income of his own.

In response, Eunice created Just a Guy Ministries (JAG), a nonprofit dedicated to providing food, vaccinations, school fees, homes, wells and livestock for orphans and their adopted families in Uganda. The name of the organization comes from Acts 4:13, a verse where the people realized that Peter and John were ordinary people who had been with Jesus. This is how Eunice sees himself.

To raise funds for its projects, JAG accepts year-round donations and organizes three large fundraising events every year. Eunice’s time at Hardin-Simmons prepared him for many things, but he still had much to learn about organizing fundraisers and operating a nonprofit. Over the past few years of directing JAG, he has learned how to trust in God’s plan to provide.

“The motto for my life is ‘When God shows up, I don’t have to be great,’” Eunice said. “This has helped me to realize that as long as I am faithful enough to show up where God has asked me to be, God will do the rest.”

When our church gives through the Cooperative Program, students like Eunice continue to receive Christ-centered higher education that empowers them to be servant leaders. Let’s pray that God would continue to work through Eunice and his ministry to bless the orphans of Uganda.


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